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How Can an Attorney Help an HOA Dispute? December 30, 2019

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How Can an Attorney Help an HOA Dispute?, Jewett City, Connecticut

Establishing any contractual relationship opens the door for legal disputes. This is also true for agreements between homeowners associations (HOA) and residents because such contracts regulate everything from lawn maintenance to noise levels. As such, issues that warrant legal action may arise. Thankfully, real estate attorneys can help resolve any such disputes promptly. 

How Attorneys Assist HOAs

A reputable law firm can help an HOA enforce the terms of the residential contract. For example, if a homeowner falls behind on dues or fails to maintain their property in accordance with the bylaws, an attorney can help the HOA take action against them.

attorneySeeking legal counsel before addressing the issue is advisable because residents retain certain rights even after signing the HOA agreement. For example, the HOA cannot evict homeowners following a single violation. Should they attempt to do so—or infringe on the defendant’s rights in some other way—they could end up in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit.  

How Attorneys Assist Residents 

While many HOAs maintain perfectly lovely neighborhoods, some fail to meet their legal obligations to residents. Even a seemingly minor oversight, like failing to mow the common areas, may warrant legal action because members are paying for services with monthly or quarterly dues. Sadly, the mismanagement of these funds is not uncommon among unscrupulous HOA board members. If you think your HOA dues are being mismanaged, a resourceful attorney can conduct a thorough investigation to help you and your neighbors determine the best way to proceed. 


If you’re involved in an HOA dispute, whether as a board member or a resident, contact Stuart R. Norman Jr. Practicing out of Jewett City, CT, this knowledgeable attorney has been in the legal field for more than 40 years. With deep roots in the community, he’s proud to use all the resources at his disposal to help residents resolve complicated disputes as favorably and swiftly as possible. To request a consultation, get in touch through his website or call (860) 376-0069. 

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