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5 Ways to Protect Your Car in Winter December 27, 2019

Lakewood, Waterbury
5 Ways to Protect Your Car in Winter, Waterbury, Connecticut

Between snow, ice, and salt on the roads, winter can be a tough season for your car. The paint, tires, and engine can take a hit because of freezing temperatures and inclement weather. Here are a few auto maintenance tips to protect your vehicle and get it through the season in pristine condition.

How to Maintain Your Car in Winter

1. Wash & Wax It

Salt used to defrost frozen roads regularly gets kicked up onto the body and undercarriage of your car. Left unaddressed, it can begin to eat away at the paint or cause rust to form on the metal. Remove this corrosive salt by having your car washed often throughout the winter. Add a fresh coat of wax to the paint for even more protection.

2. Use a Soft Brush for Snow

auto maintenanceIt can be tempting to choose a brush with tough, abrasive bristles for snow removal. However, these strong brushes can leave small scratches all over your car, which increases the paint’s vulnerability to the elements. Instead, use a brush with soft bristles or a snow removal broom with a foam head that won’t damage the finish.

3. Change to Winter Tires

An important part of auto maintenance is preventing unwanted car wrecks. Make it easier and safer to drive in snowy and icy conditions by changing out your regular tires for winter-specific tires with thick tread. A better grip will help you navigate slippery roads with ease.

4. Replace Your Windshield Wipers & Fluid

New windshield wipers will help keep your windshield free of snow, ice, and dirt. This will leave you with excellent visibility when you drive. You should also change out your washer fluid for a cold-weather variety that features antifreeze properties to effectively defrost the glass when needed.

5. Switch to Thinner Motor Oil

Avoid engine problems caused by cold-thickened motor oil by using thinner oil during your next oil change. Ask your auto maintenance technician to use winter-friendly engine oil that isn’t quite as thick as the variety you use in warmer months.


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