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4 Common Dry Cleaning Misconceptions January 9, 2020

4 Common Dry Cleaning Misconceptions, Powell, Ohio

Although dry cleaning is a common and popular method of cleaning dirty clothes, many people don’t fully understand the process, which leads to misconceptions. Clear up some of your incorrect ideas about this clothes cleaning method so you know what to expect next time you drop off your garments.

Correcting Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning

1. There Is Only One Dry Cleaning Method

Many people tend to think there is only one method dry cleaners use to clean your clothing. However, professional dry cleaners use several methods, tools, and cleaners to get the best results on different fabrics and stains.

These methods are also not always dry, as some people believe. Liquid solvents and even a bit of water may be used, but the method of cleaning gets its name from the absence of water immersion.

2. It Wears Out Your Clothes

dry cleaningSome people believe that taking your clothes to the cleaners too often will break them down faster and cause them to deteriorate. This is simply not true if you take your garments to a dry cleaner that uses high-quality equipment and solvents. Don’t simply choose your cleaner based on the lowest price—choose the one with the highest-quality service.

3. You Should Store Your Clothes in the Plastic Bags

It can be tempting to try to keep your clothing clean longer by storing it in the plastic dry cleaning bags after you bring it home. However, your clothes need to breathe and trapping them inside non-ventilated plastic can lead to humidity-causing odors and oxidation of invisible stains that makes them become visible.

4. You Should Wait as Long as Possible to Clean Your Clothes

To save money and time, you may typically try to wait as long as you possibly can before sending your clothes to the cleaner. However, wearing your clothes repeatedly and then storing them in a collective dirty pile encourages stains to set and odors to permeate through the entire pile of clothing. If you wait too long, you may even make it impossible for your cleaner to restore them to their original state.


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