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3 Ways to Commemorate Your Deceased Loved One December 27, 2019

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3 Ways to Commemorate Your Deceased Loved One, Perry, New York

When a loved one passes away, there are many ways you can honor their life and remember their presence. However, choosing a memorial designed to stand the test of time requires careful consideration. If you’re exploring headstones, grave markers, and other monuments, here are a few ideas on how to commemorate a deceased family member.  

Creating a Memorial for a Loved One

1. Honor Their Cremated Remains

While cremation may not necessarily involve a traditional burial, it still presents a wide range of options for memorialization.

In many cases, families will opt to place remains within a cemetery columbarium. A custom plaque can be placed over the columbarium to signify your loved one’s presence. If you want to keep the remains in the home, it’s also possible to place a plaque on a decorative urn.

When you want to maintain a close connection with the deceased, you might also consider turning a portion of the cremated remains into a piece of jewelry that you can carry with you.

2. Plant a Living Memorial

monumentPlanting a tree or garden in honor of your loved one is a great way to experience their memory in nature. As the plants grow, the visual representation of your love for the individual will also expand. Some families may even opt to place a portion of cremated remains in the soil as a way to symbolize the meaningful, interconnected cycle of life and death.  To personalize the space, consider adding etched granite or a memorial plaque that is inscribed with details about your relative’s life.

3. Design a Custom Monument

If your loved one preferred a traditional cemetery burial, you can always order a standard headstone or grave marker that showcases the name and other details of the individual. But if you want to create a memorial that stands apart, a custom monument may be the right solution.

Typically crafted from high-quality stone such as granite, a monument can stand up to the elements with ease. In addition to inscriptions, you can also add illustrations — such as religious symbols or a portrait of the deceased — to give the monument a more personal touch.



When you choose to memorialize your loved one, it’s important to invest in solutions that are built to last and crafted with precision. That’s why families in the Perry, NY, area turn to Gibney Monument Works for high-quality plaques, headstones, and grave markers. They also offer custom monument services to create one-of-a-kind memorials that artistically capture each individual’s life and accomplishments. To learn more about these services or see examples of their work, visit these local stone artisans online. For quotes or design assistance, call (585) 237-2750.

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