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3 Furnace Problems to Watch Out For January 28, 2020

Thomasville, Davidson
3 Furnace Problems to Watch Out For, Thomasville, North Carolina

Most people don’t think about their furnace until there’s a problem, and naturally, it’s usually winter when one occurs. That’s why your heating system should be serviced annually to ensure it can handle the job of keeping the home warm with no interruptions. Without a tuneup, you could experience these furnace malfunctions when you least want them.

3 Common Furnace Issues in Winter 

1. Thermostat Glitches

The thermostat is your heating system’s brain. When the temperature is set, the device gauges how much heat needs to be produced by the furnace to reach the desired climate.

From dust buildup to faulty wiring and incorrect calibration, there are several reasons the thermostat could malfunction. When this happens, the furnace won’t circulate heat correctly. 

2. Filter Clogs

heatingHeating and air systems often share the same filter, which means it’s put to work year-round. The recommended schedule for replacing your filter with a fresh one is once per season. Otherwise, grime left on the screen will obstruct airflow.

This can lead to higher heating bills, as mechanical components work harder to force air through the system. When filters are dirty, soot can also accumulate on the heat exchanger, which could overheat and crack as a result.

3. Ignition Problems

If the furnace fails to turn on, there could be an issue with one or several ignition components. This could happen if the hot surface igniter is cracked, the pilot light needs to be replaced, or a safety switch is stuck. A trained HVAC contractor can investigate the issue.


Stay comfortable this winter by preventing these issues. For heating system maintenance to boost equipment efficiency and home comfort, reach out to Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning in Thomasville, NC. Serving residents in the Piedmont Triad area since 1994, the fully licensed, insured, and EPA-certified HVAC technicians will provide the necessary repairs and upkeep to maximize equipment performance. For an estimate, call (336) 472-5858, and mention the website and receive $20 off your service. Find a detailed service overview and product list online.

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