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4 Shotcrete Applications January 2, 2020

Louisville, Jefferson
4 Shotcrete Applications , Louisville, Kentucky

Shotcrete is an incredibly versatile construction material, with physical properties that many find superior to those of traditional concrete or mortar. Thanks to its structural stability and excellent bonding capabilities, shotcrete can significantly reduce the time and expense of new construction and repairs, particularly in areas with limited access. Below are just a few of the numerous applications of shotcrete.

4 Uses for Shotcrete

1. Difficult-to-Access Structural Repairs

shotcreteRepairing concrete retaining walls, highway structures, parking garages, and sewer systems can be extremely difficult, especially if the damaged portion can’t be easily removed. Traditional methods require a mold to hold concrete in place while it cures. Shotcrete, however, which can be projected at high velocity wherever needed, compacts on impact. Because it sets on impact, it’s ideal for repairing structures difficult to access with cement trucks and traditional equipment.

2. Domes

Because of its unique application process, shotcrete is often used in the construction of concrete domes to save labor and other traditional expenses. Instead of assembling molds, contractors use an inflatable air-form, which is then covered in shotcrete. Domes and shells created with shotcrete can be found in residential homes, bridges, and culverts across the country.

3. Ground Support & Stabilization

Sudden ground movements and unstable soils can disrupt a development site and present serious risks to builders. Shotcrete can be blasted directly into the soil, where it conforms to the existing natural shapes underground, supporting and stabilizing them.

4. Pool & Tank Linings

Lining swimming pools and retention tanks with concrete can be laborious and time-consuming, especially when done by hand. Shotcrete dramatically reduces application times, allowing small crews to line even the largest pools and tanks completely in a matter of minutes.


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