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3 Clothing Tips for Winter Boaters January 17, 2020

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
3 Clothing Tips for Winter Boaters, Jacksonville East, Florida

When preparing for a winter boating trip, you need to have the right gear on hand. Appropriate clothing will ensure you’re comfortable during your excursion no matter the temperature. Learn more about the outerwear and accessories you need for a day spent on the water in the winter.

A Guide to Winter Boating Clothing

1. Prepare for Wind

Wind picks up when you’re on the water, so wear clothing that will protect you from gusts. Look for a jacket and pants that offer wind resistance and tightly woven materials.

However, you’ll also want breathable layers to avoid sweating, so pick lighter materials like cotton or nylon for interior clothing.

2. Layer

outerwearThe temperature when you launch in the morning may be quite different when you wrap up your trip, so you want versatile clothing that can adapt to the weather. Start with a layer of undergarments like long johns. If the weather will be especially cold, wool is a smart choice because it keeps you warm even if it gets wet. Your middle layer can be appropriately thick and warm everyday clothes. Then add wind-resistant and waterproof outerwear as your top layer.

3. Accessorize for Warmth

Winter boating calls for seasonally appropriate accessories. First, protect your face and head from cold temperatures and wind with a hat. A fleece scarf will carry that warmth down to your neck. Waterproof gloves and wool socks paired with waterproof boots will keep your extremities warm and dry during your boat trip.


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