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5 Common Types of Fleas December 27, 2019

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5 Common Types of Fleas, Dothan, Alabama

If you have pets, you know that fleas are a common problem and one worthy of concern. There are so many different species, many of which can spread disease and skin irritation. While there are more than 2000 types, in the United States alone, there are 300! If you want to protect your pets and the rest of your family, it’s essential to know some of the most common types. Understanding what you’re dealing with is essential in determining what kind of flea control services are necessary.

Frequently Found Fleas

1. Cat (Ctenocephalides felis)

The most popular type of flea in the US, this type has a dark brown or reddish color and is between 1 to 2 mm in length. Although they’re wingless, they have strong legs that allow them to jump long distances. Despite the name, they can also bite dogs and humans. Their bites usually cause itchiness, but if cats or dogs ingest a cat flea with a tapeworm cyst, they can get tapeworms in their stomachs. At home, they tend to hide and breed in carpets and small crevices, so if you find them on your pet, be consistent about cleaning and consider investing in flea control services to minimize their presence.

2. Dog (Ctenocephalides canis)

flea-control-services-Dothan-ALSimilar to cat fleas, dog fleas are brown, wingless, and capable of long jumps. They are larger, usually between 2 to 8 mm. Itchiness, dermatitis, welts, and lumps are the most common results of their bites. Like cat fleas, they will hide in the carpet, so you need to be diligent about cleaning vacuuming.

3. Sticktight (Echidnophaga gallinacea)

Cats and dogs aren’t the only domesticated animals vulnerable to fleas. Poultry is a frequent target too. Sticktight fleas are much smaller than the previous types, roughly half the size of a cat flea. If you have birdcages and chicken coops on your property, make sure to have it included in your flea control services.

4. Human (Pulex irritant)

Reddish-brown, wingless, and about 2 to 3.5 mm in size, human fleas are common in North America. Visually, they look similar to cat fleas, and their bites cause similar reactions. They get their name due to their prevalence in buildings where pets aren’t usually present, like schools and offices.

5. Sand (Tunga penetrans)

Also known as the chigoe flea, sand fleas are the smallest type, only about 1 mm in length, at most. They’re in tropical and subtropical areas, especially along the beaches. Despite their size, their bites can lead to large, itchy welts.


If you need thorough flea control services, Pest-Ex is the company to call. Based in Dothan, AL, this locally owned and operated business has served Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia for over 60 years. If you’re worried about other types of pests, such as bedbugs, roaches, or ants, they know how to deal with them as well. To learn more about their residential pest control services, visit their website or call them at (334) 794-5903.

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