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Why a Mechanic Should Inspect a Used Car Before You Buy It December 26, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
Why a Mechanic Should Inspect a Used Car Before You Buy It, Kalispell, Montana

By buying a used car, you can get a reliable vehicle with similar features of newer models but at a more affordable price. Because a pre-owned vehicle has been driven before, take it for a road test and perform a visual inspection before agreeing to buy. In addition to your own efforts, below are a few reasons a trained auto repair technician should look over the car, too. 

Why Pre-Sale Used Car Inspections Are Important 

From a faulty transmission to worn brakes, several issues affect the true value of a used car and your willingness to buy it. The owner might not be aware of the problems or fail to disclose them. Subtle issues might not be easy to detect during a road test either.

Kalispell-Montana-auto-repairBy scheduling an inspection, an auto repair technician can assess vehicle health and bring mechanical and electrical concerns to your attention. If glaring issues are found after you buy the car, you could end up stuck with an unreliable lemon. 

What an Auto Inspection Covers

During the pre-purchase inspection, an auto repair technician will check for cracks and dents in the frame and wheels, which could be caused by a collision. They will also test the engine, look for corrosion under the hood, examine exhaust system components, inspect the suspension and brake pad thickness, and view the vehicle history report.

Scheduling an inspection could save you money in the long-run. Even if a used car is relatively inexpensive, you could end up spending a lot in extensive repairs. By knowing the extent of work needed, you can avoid these costs altogether by purchasing a vehicle in better condition.


If you are interested in buying a used car, the auto repair technicians at Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair are available to perform a pre-purchase inspection. Serving motorists in Kalispell, MT, the ASE-certified technicians have over 25 years of experience providing oil changes, engine replacement, brake service, and additional tuneups and repairs. This means they can identify problems quickly so you can make decisions on whether to purchase a car. For an appointment, call (406) 755-0234. Discover all the ways the team can help online.

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