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Maggie Moo's Halloween Ice Cream Combos Are Spooky & Delicious! October 7, 2015

Grand Chute, Outagamie
Maggie Moo's Halloween Ice Cream Combos Are Spooky & Delicious!, Grand Chute, Wisconsin

Celebrate Halloween with a festive ice cream treat from your friendly neighborhood Maggie Moo’s!

Everyone knows that Maggie Moo’s hand crafts the best ice cream and low-fat yogurt around, but did you know that they also make it fun to create themed sundaes for the whole family? It’s true! Part of the Maggie Moo’s experience is choosing your own yummy flavors and making creations that are as unique as they are delicious. While most people just think of candy during Halloween, Maggie Moo’s likes to mix it up with glorious creamy ice cream; and with dozens of ice cream (and froyo!) flavors and mix-ins available, the options are limitless.

Treat your family to a few spooky scoops of Maggie Moo’s homemade signature ice cream loaded with candy, nuts, and fruit, and then give it your own spin with a fun name! If you need a little inspiration, start by pairing chocolate-covered peanuts with chocolate hazelnut ice cream for a quirky “bugs in the mud” theme. If you’d rather have a flavor profile that’s on the fruity side, try something unexpected like coconut ice cream with gooey blood red cherries on top. And for an extra funky mix, try apple n’ spice ice cream with gummy bears drowning in ice cream “lava”! You can even ask your local Maggie Moo’s ice cream aficionado for their suggestions on creating a sundae that screams Halloween.

Make creating a spooky Maggie Moo’s combo your family’s new annual Halloween tradition! Stop by your local ice cream shop today and let your imagination run wild.