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6 Benefits of Aluminum Welding January 16, 2020

Tacoma, Pierce
6 Benefits of Aluminum Welding, Tacoma, Washington

Aluminum, one of the “youngest” metals in the construction industry, has become a preferred material due to its anti-corrosion properties. Its low melting point and high conductivity, however, make it a bit more difficult to work with. However, this factor has not stopped others from choosing aluminum welding over traditional methods. Below are the top benefits of this process. 

6 Advantages of Aluminum Welding

1. Rust Resistant

Aluminum welding does not require flux⁠, a chemical-cleaning agent that seals air to prevent oxidation. Hence, professionals can be sure that welding with aluminum is free from corrosion and rust.

2. High-Speed Process 

Because aluminum is lightweight, welding is much easier and can be done in different positions. You can even apply high-speed techniques, which is why many prefer this over other methods.

3. Better Heat Input Control

aluminum weldingParticularly in pulse MIG welding, the operator can better manage the heat input into the sections and bind thin-gauge materials. Thus, welded parts are neither burned nor distorted.

4. Better Travel Speed

Aluminum welding has a higher travel speed, which is the rate at which the arc drifts along the workpiece, enhancing productivity. Meanwhile, the reduced heat input lowers residual stress and the possibilities of distortion.

5. Bead Profile Management

Operators can modify the arc cone’s width using its control function, which allows them to manage the bead profile. The right size removes excess heat input and prevents overwelding.

6. Versatility

Technological advancements have made aluminum welding methods easier and faster. As such, inaccurate measurements can be fixed with last-minute adjustments. Professional welders are able to pinpoint an issue mid-project and change their course of action accordingly. 


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