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3 Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager January 3, 2020

Rochester, Monroe
3 Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager, Rochester, New York

Landlords who handle rental real estate know just how challenging property management can be. If you're overwhelmed with the responsibilities of maintaining a rental property, consider hiring a professional property manager. Here are a few ways they make your life a lot easier.

3 Reasons to Get Property Management Services

1. Better Advertising

Property management companies are well-versed at crafting compelling ads that attract more qualified tenants to your available units. They use the right verbiage, tone, and placement to market to your property on social media, newspapers, or flyers. Savvy advertising by these professionals also gets your unit occupied and generating income faster than if you tried to get the word out without their services. 

2. Tenant Screening

Having problem tenants property managementcan cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Some tenants send late rental payments, while others sublet the unit without checking in with you. You may also come across renters who damage your property or undertake renovations without your approval. Well-trained property managers know how to properly screen tenants by conducting thorough background checks, calling references, and only considering strong candidates based on the findings. They know what red flags to look out, such as a low credit or late payments. 

3. More Time

Experienced managers handle tenant-landlord tasks like rent collection, routine building inspections, emergency maintenance, and renter disputes. Having a reliable property management company handle these tasks for you, frees you up to do other things. You can redirect your energy into upgrading your property and raising its value. With more time on your hands, you’re able to explore other investment opportunities or give more attention to your family and friends.


Entrust your rental real estate to a reliable property management company like Galvin Realty Group, Inc. in Rochester, NY. They have provided an impressive range of real estate and asset management services to residents in Monroe County since 1987. They have extensive experience in handling real estate appraisals, property tax services, and rental property management. Find out more about their services by visiting their website or calling (585) 546-1290. 

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