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5 Common Types of Residential Water Filters January 7, 2020

Wappinger, Dutchess
5 Common Types of Residential Water Filters, Wappinger, New York

If you have issues with your water supply, such as bacteria or hard water, a residential water filtration system can help make it healthy and tasty again. It can also eliminate issues with stains and scale on your fixtures. However, different types of water filters are best for different problems, so it helps to know your options. Here are several. 

A Guide to Water Filter Types

1. Activated Carbon or Alumina

There are several substances with porous surfaces that absorb specific impurities from water. Activated alumina can remove large amounts of fluoride, selenium, and arsenic. Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, removes chlorine and organic compounds.

2. Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic is a porous material, and it’s best for filtering out dirt and debris. As a result, these systems are often used outdoors, where the water supply is usually dirtier. Finally, ceramic filters treated with silver also kill bacteria and can be used for this purpose.

3. Reverse Osmosis

water filterThis type of filter is similar to a ceramic one, but it has much finer pores. It relies on a membrane that lets water through but blocks other contaminants. These include heavy metals and other harmful chemicals that many water filters miss.

4. Ionizing & Infrared

If you have hard water, these types of filters will fix this issue and reduce the acidity. An ionizing filter does this by attracting the alkaline and acidic water in different directions with charged plates. The infrared models use energy to give the water a negative charge.

5. UV

Ultraviolet filters are newer and effective at killing bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. Within the tank, they emit the same type of radiation that can give you a sunburn to work against harmful microbes. This process disinfects the water in an environmentally friendly way.


When you need an effective water filter in the Hudson Valley and Wappingers Falls, NY, contact The Water Source. They have over 25 years of experience and carefully select quality systems from reliable providers, such as Kinetico®. For a free water analysis from their knowledgeable staff, call (845) 297-1600 or visit their website.

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