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The Top 4 Reasons to Get New Home Siding January 9, 2020

Monfort Heights South, Green
The Top 4 Reasons to Get New Home Siding , Green, Ohio

Your home’s siding is responsible for its curb appeal and energy efficiency. Knowing when it’s time to replace it for a home improvement project will revamp your house’s appearance and save you money on utilities in the long run. Learn how to recognize the signs that it needs to be replaced by reading the list below.

When You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding

1. Accidental Damage

Vinyl and wood are relatively durable but can still become damaged. Storms can come with hail and flying debris, which can crack it or pull it away from your house. Animals, particularly deer, can also run into it, squirrels can nest in it, and insects can infest it. If it’s been damaged, it’s time to have it replaced.

2. Warping, Bubbling, or Cracking

sidingAge and exposure can also cause damage, too. Excessive heat, moisture, and sun exposure can cause the material to become cracked, warped, bubbled, or blistered, creating an eyesore that’s hard to ignore if you enjoy outdoor living. 

3. Discoloration

It won’t stay as pristine and perfect as the day it was installed. Sunlight can bleach the color from the vinyl or wood, while mold and dirt can leave lasting stains, even when you wash it. While minor patches of discoloration or fading may not be problematic, widespread color inconsistencies will make your house appear neglected and unmaintained.

4. Old & Outdated

Age itself can be a factor in replacement, too. If it’s an outdated color or style, updating it will increase your home’s value and make it look like new. Old materials may also be lacking on energy efficiency and replacing it could keep your home -- and your wallet -- more comfortable.


If it’s time to update your siding, you need home improvement specialists who will get it done at a competitive price. Murphy Home Improvement in Cincinnati serves surrounding areas, including northern Kentucky, with comprehensive home services to amplify your outdoor living experience. For over 30 years, they’ve provided quality workmanship and supplies, including entry doors, windows, and awnings. Learn more about their vinyl siding options online and call (513) 922-8989 for an estimate on installations today.

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