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3 Common Reasons for Tooth Loss December 26, 2019

South Glastonbury Historic District, Glastonbury
3 Common Reasons for Tooth Loss, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Losing your teeth can be an alarming experience. Even though it’s better to prevent this situation altogether, dentists can provide cosmetic solutions, such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures. If you’re looking for ways to maintain excellent oral health, here’s what you should know about the leading causes of tooth loss. 

Why You May Experience Tooth Loss

1. Cavities

When you eat foods that are high in sugar and starch, plaque forms on your teeth and gums. If left to grow and thrive, an influx of plaque will produce unwanted acidity and harmful mouth bacteria that eat away at your enamel. This process leads to cavities that can reach your tooth’s inner pulp, which can require extraction for the root canal.

The best way to prevent tooth decay and severe cavities is by regularly seeing your dentist. Professional teeth cleaning appointments every six months can help eliminate plaque buildup. In addition, maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice a day to remove food debris, plaque, and harmful bacteria. Limiting your intake of sugar is also recommended. 

2. Gum Disease

DentistGum disease is defined by an infection in the soft tissue that holds your teeth in place. If left untreated, gum disease can cause redness, swelling, gum recession, and the formation of deep pockets along the gum line that loosen teeth and result in tooth loss.

Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, those who smoke cigarettes, and dental patients that fail to brush and floss with frequency are more likely to develop gum disease. For prevention, you should try to quit smoking, and eat a nutritious, low-sugar diet. Teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist and a commitment to excellent oral hygiene at home can also reduce the risk of gum disease. 

3. Injury

Tooth loss often occurs due to trauma or injury. Individuals who participate in contact sports, experience a fall, or get into a car accident may chip, break, or damage a tooth. In this instance, your dentist will determine whether it can be saved with a crown or whether extraction and a dental implant are best. 


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