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3 Tips for Folding Baby Clothes January 9, 2020

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3 Tips for Folding Baby Clothes, Dothan, Alabama

Babies tend to make messes and stain their clothes, which means you’re likely doing laundry more often than you’re used to. You’re also likely looking for creative ways to fold those tiny onesies, socks, and bibs. Folding these pieces of clothing can be challenging due to their odd shapes and small surface areas, but there are ways to stay on top of this task. Below are several tips to help keep your baby’s drawers neat and organized.

3 Ways to Fold Baby Clothes

1. Use the Roll-Up Method

The roll-up method is a great technique if your storage is limited, and you’re looking for a better way to fold baby clothes. For simple shirts and onesies, lay the garment flat and fold the sleeves in so they lay flat on the back of the shirt. Then, roll the item into a cylinder. This method is also efficient for bibs and pants. Store the rolls upright in your baby’s dresser for quick and easy organization and access.

2. Fold Sleepers in Fourths  

baby clothesFor sleepers and long-sleeve garments, it’s best to lay them flat and face them down. Then, fold the garment in half so that it is leg to leg and arm to arm. Fold the arms in and then bring the feet to the collar before creasing it in half one more time. Folding and storing these pieces of clothing in fourths will allow you to optimize space and keep drawers neat so you can see all your baby’s outfit choices at once.

3. Lay Socks Flat

The traditional way of folding socks means you likely bunch them into each other. However, this method can damage the elastic in your baby’s socks, resulting in a loose fit. Instead, lay each pair flat with one sock on top of the other and fold the pair in half. Store them with the crease side up so you can see any fun prints or colors easily in a drawer.


Having an efficient and easy folding method for your baby’s clothes will make doing laundry that much easier. If your laundry has piled up throughout the week, bring your baskets to Park Avenue Coin Laundry in Dothan, AL. Their large-capacity washer and dryers can handle any load, and they even offer laundry assistance. Trust this staff to pick up, wash, dry, fold, and return your laundry so you can get back to doing other important tasks. To speak to a friendly staff member, call (334) 678-0800 or visit them online for more information.  

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