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4 Signs it's Time to Update Your Business Phone System January 17, 2020

Ballantyne West, Charlotte
4 Signs it's Time to Update Your Business Phone System, Charlotte, North Carolina

In today’s interconnected world, even small companies need phones to communicate with vendors, employees, and customers. A business phone service that can’t keep up with these demands can lead to confusion and lost revenue, especially if frustrated customers move on to competitors. To help you stay on top of your game, below are a few common signs that it’s time to update your telecommunications system.

4 Signs You Need a New Business Phone Service

1. Bad Call Quality

Your business depends on employees being able to communicate clearly with each other and your customers. Calls that drop frequently or have poor audio quality make your business seem unprofessional or outdated.

A modern phone system will help your team interact with people confidently.

2. Unavailable Parts

business phone serviceOutdated phone systems often feature hardware that’s no longer being manufactured, which means replacement parts may not be available.

Updating your phones means you’ll be able to recover from a malfunction with minimal downtime.

3. Cumbersome Menu Systems

No customer likes navigating complex call menus to find the correct department.

Modern business phone services streamline the way a call reaches an employee. They also facilitate your work operations. For example, VoIP systems integrate with email, SMS, and CRM programs.

4. Higher Demands

Higher call volumes are a sign that your business is booming, so congratulations.

To keep up with the demand, upgrade to equipment designed to handle more traffic. While traditional phones send busy signals when devices are in use, newer equipment allows for automatic call forwarding. This means a call will be routed to an available number, such as a cellphone.

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