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5 Virus Prevention Tips for Laptops January 2, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
5 Virus Prevention Tips for Laptops, Staten Island, New York

Malware and other types of viruses can eradicate years of hard work, erase treasured personal photos, and compromise the security of your sensitive data. While files can sometimes be recovered through laptop repairs, the best way to avoid these disasters is to prevent viruses in the first place. Here’s how.

How to Prevent Viruses on Your Laptop

1. Keep Your OS & Software Up-to-Date

Your operating system acts as an important line of defense against viruses, so always update it as soon as new versions are available. You should also do the same for any virus protection software you have, as it’s only as strong as your commitment to maintaining it. If your device is consistently getting stuck when trying to download updates, have a laptop repair expert identify the problem.

2. Avoid Public Networks

laptop repairWhile spending time online using public networks at coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and airports may seem convenient, it also leaves your devices vulnerable to hackers. Whenever possible, use a personal hotspot to connect instead. Doing so will help to reduce your exposure to threats—and thus, your risk of needing laptop repair.

3. Choose Strong Passwords

Your password shouldn’t be easy to guess, so stay away from common choices like pets’ or children’s names, sports teams, and the year you were born. This is especially important for logins that protect sensitive information, such as bank accounts. Set a strong password by choosing a short, favorite phrase and incorporating numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters (i.e., “4n3Wd4y” for “a new day”).

4. Steer Clear of Risky Sites

You may already know to avoid links found in spam or unsolicited emails, but be careful about any sites that could include pirated materials, too (free movie downloads, for example). Avoid clicking on any offers that sound too good to be true, such as free prizes.

5. Secure Your WiFi Network

Chances are, you have multiple devices connected to your WiFi. To keep your network protected against threats, make sure it’s password-protected. Additionally, verify that your WiFi hardware is protected with WPA2 (wireless protected access).


If you suspect a virus on your computer, turn to the laptop repair professionals at Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. Having served the Staten Island, NY, community—as well as all of the city’s five boroughs—since 1993, this company is the trusted source for PC repair, along with sales and services for printers and accessories. Send them a message online or call (718) 317-1263 to discuss your needs with one of their team members.

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