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5 Driving Safety Tips January 6, 2020

Dumas, Moore
5 Driving Safety Tips, Dumas, Texas

Safe driving habits like avoiding distracted driving and keeping a safe braking distance can help keep you and your passengers safe. Making road safety a priority can also reduce your car insurance premiums. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your driver safety and awareness.

How Can You Practice Safe Driving?

1. Be Aware of Blind Spots

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, blind-spots cause nearly 840,000 accidents and 300 fatalities each year. Familiarize yourself with the blind spots on your vehicle and be aware of other vehicle’s blind spots as well, like commercial trucks. Further improve driver safety and awareness by minimizing lane changes and scanning your mirrors once every ten seconds.

2. Use Safe Braking Distance

How long it takes a vehicle to stop depends on its weight, driver experience, tire quality, weather, and temperature. The larger the car or the slicker the roads, the longer it takes to stop. Old or balding tires and inexperienced drivers can also compromise braking distance. When in doubt, give double the braking distance you think you’ll need.

3. Avoid Distracted Driving

car insuranceDistracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in 2017 alone. Minimize distractions by muting unnecessary cell-phone notifications and using hands-free devices at all times. Avoid eating, reading, texting, or applying make-up while driving. Do not wear headphones, so as to remain aware of sirens and other emergencies on the road.

4. Drive Defensively

In the past decade, fatal crashes linked to road rage have increased by almost 500%. Rather than attempting to engage or remain in front of an angry driver or tailgater, change lanes and let them pass. Steering clear of aggressive or reckless drivers will keep you and your passengers safe.

5. Respect the Rules of the Road

Pay close attention to all road signs and traffic rules, not just speed limit signs. It’s also wise to consider factors like weather, temperature, and time of day while driving. If visibility is poor or roads are slick, it’s wise to reduce speeds even if they’re under the speed limit.


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