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4 Essential Elements of Commercial Gym Design December 27, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
4 Essential Elements of Commercial Gym Design, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you're building or renovating a gym, there are some basic design principles to be aware of. No matter what features you want to add, they form the baseline for a functional, attractive workout space. Here's what you should know about gym design and fitness equipment choices.

How to Design a Gym

1. Durable Surfaces

Hundreds of people are going to walk through your gym every day, and every day they'll drop weights on the floor. Because of the weight of the equipment you may be affixing to walls, floors, and ceilings, a gym requires sturdy construction. Opt for durable flooring like polished concrete, industrial carpet, or vinyl tiles, and work with your architect to design walls that accommodate weight racks and other equipment and accessories.

2. Enhanced Acoustics

If all your walls and floors are flat, hard surfaces, your gym will quickly fill with echoes. A noisy environment makes it challenging to communicate, hold classes, and inform people of safety issues. Install sound baffles to keep the sound levels down.

Fitness Equipment3. Efficient HVAC Systems

Constant airflow and climate control are essential. A gym will begin to stink if it isn't aired out. If the temperature isn't comfortable, if it’s too hot or too cold, you’ll disrupt your patrons’ workouts. In addition, you need to control the humidity to prevent mold and mildew. You’ll need a heavy-duty ventilation system to keep up with these demands.

4. Diverse Fitness Equipment

The commercial fitness equipment you pick out will determine what kind of crowd you attract. You can count on treadmills and free weights to engage dedicated gym-goers or choose climbing walls to bring in patrons who may not otherwise be interested in a gym membership.


To get the fitness equipment you need to bring your gym to life, choose Exercise & Leisure Equipment. They have decades of experience and will accommodate your unique needs. With locations in Cincinnati and Fort Mitchel, they serve athletic directors, trainers, and gym owners in both southeastern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Call (513) 531-7777 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to view equipment and accessories.

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