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3 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Storage Unit January 16, 2020

Columbia Falls, Flathead
3 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Storage Unit, Columbia Falls, Montana

Storage units are useful when you move, downsize, or simply need some extra space for your belongings. To make the most of the unit, it’s important to be mindful of how you organize the items inside. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you load your possessions.

How to Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

1. Disassemble Your Furnishings

If you plan to use your storage unit to hold large pieces of furniture, minimize the amount of square footage they take up. Do this by disassembling the furnishings as much as possible. This will also make the items easier to transport.

Remove legs from desks and tables, and take bed frames apart. Place these pieces against the walls, which will leave floor space for other items. Keep bolts and screws in plastic bags taped to the parts so you can reassemble everything later.

2. Choose Practical Containers

Columbia Falls, MT storage unitTo prevent mildew, keep clothes and other fabric materials inside plastic boxes instead of cardboard. Clear bins also allow you to easily see what’s inside so you can quickly find what you need later. Avoid using garbage bags, as these can easily tear. Once boxes are packed, stack them at the back of the unit to preserve floor space.

3. Use Walls & Ceilings

Don’t overlook the useful space on the walls. They can accommodate items like pegboards and shelves to store smaller items or those you may need to access more frequently. Just avoid putting anything you need to reach regularly on a higher shelf.

You can also hang bungee cords from the ceiling to safely secure bicycles and hold large equipment in place.


If you’re seeking a safe storage unit to keep your belongings, turn to CJ’s Storage in Columbia Falls, MT. Serving clients in Flathead, Lake, Lincoln, and Glacier counties, this storage facility is committed to treating your possessions with the respect they deserve. Their units accommodate everything from a few boxes to vehicles. Visit them online for information on sizing, or call (406) 892-1272 to discuss your needs.

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