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3 Advantages of Installing Dimmer Light Switches at Home January 15, 2020

Texarkana, Miller
3 Advantages of Installing Dimmer Light Switches at Home, Texarkana, Arkansas

When people talk about something being easy, they compare it to flipping a switch. And yet, there are several occasions when you might wish the lights to be on—but not at full power. The guide below explains some of the benefits of contacting an electrician to have dimmers installed for more customized control of your lights. 

Why You Might Want a Dimmer Switch

1. Better Energy Efficiency 

On a cloudy day, you may want a little extra light to see without needing your bulbs at full brightness. With a normal light switch, your options are only “on” or “off”—and “on” wastes energy. Dimmer switches let you select a happy medium. Not only does this help you save resources, but it has the potential to reduce your electrical bill in the process.

2. Make Bulbs Last Longer

electricianLight bulbs have a set life span, but it is possible to extend them. In the past, it was all about turning the lights off when you weren’t using them so as not to burn them out.

By having an electrician install dimmers, you can put less strain on the bulbs by reducing the process of oxidation in the filament.

3. Create the Perfect Ambiance

Want to have a movie night with friends? Dimmed lighting allows you to see the path to and from the bathroom or the kitchen clearly, while not providing so much illumination that it distracts from what is on the screen. Similarly, you can use low lights to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner at home.


Interested in having dimmer switches for your lights at home? Choose a skilled electrician to handle the installation. Service First Electrical and Plumbing has been a trusted electrical contractor in Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas since 1967. From light repairs to emergency plumbing services, they help keep your utilities running properly. To learn more about their capabilities, visit them online. Call (870) 775-1035 to schedule an appointment.