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5 Safety Tips for Oxy Acetylene Cutting December 26, 2019

Morehead, Rowan
5 Safety Tips for Oxy Acetylene Cutting, Morehead, Kentucky

Due to its low costs, versatility, and accessibility, oxy acetylene is a top fuel choice for welding and cutting. But while these advantages improve your work experience, remember that it’s flammable and could put you in danger. Invest in professional training before taking on any welding or cutting jobs. In addition to training, below are a few tips that will help you handle the heat safely.

How to Stay Safe When Oxy Acetylene Cutting

1. Wear Protective Gear

When cutting, you must protect yourself from heat, intense light, and flying sparks. For your face and eyes, wear a welding helmet or shaded goggles. Your clothes should be a non-flammable material—such as Cover hands with insulated gloves, and protect feet with rubber-soled safety boots.

2. Check the Pressure

Before using acetylene gas, check the pressure reading on the cylinder. If the pressure is above 15 lbs. of pressure, don’t use it. When the pressure is above 15 lbs., the gas can disassociate and combust.

3. Inspect & Attach Parts

oxy acetyleneCheck all regulator valves, hoses, and attachments for potential explosion risks—such as the presence of grease, oil, dents, cracks, holes, scratches, threading issues, and loose o-rings. 

Once your parts are secure, check all connection points for leaks using a standard bubbling solution. If bubbles appear at these points, your equipment needs servicing to fix the leak.

4. Purge the Torch

To prevent flashbacks, purge the torch so that gases don’t mix prematurely. Open the oxygen valve followed by the preheat oxygen valve with the cutting attachment connected. Engage the cutting level for five seconds to expel the gas. Shut off the oxygen and repeat these steps to purge the acetylene gas side.

5. Shut Off & Store Smart

When you finish cutting, turn off the oxygen first and the acetylene second. If you hear a snap or pop, an oxygen leak may be present. A small flame, however, indicates a possible fuel leak. Service all holes before using the equipment again. If you’re shutting down completely, make sure both regulators show a zero-pressure reading. Store cylinders upright in a secure environment away from flammable materials like oil and petroleum.


Even with the right safety practices, welding and cutting are dangerous if you don’t have quality supplies. That’s why Wholesale Auto Parts in Rowan County provides an impressive selection of premium welding supplies and safe acetylene that only come from trusted industry brands. To learn more about their inventory, visit this hardware and auto parts wholesaler online. For questions about available products, call the Morehead, KY,  location at (606) 784-4147.

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