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3 Benefits of Roof Shingles December 24, 2019

Thornton, Adams
3 Benefits of Roof Shingles, Thornton, Colorado

If you’re building a new home or considering a roof replacement, opt for roof shingles as your material of choice. Shingles have a proven track record for success, as well as many overlooked benefits that come with immediate and long-term perks. Below are some of the core characteristics that make shingles a top roofing material. 

Why Add Roof Shingles to Your Home

1. Aesthetic Versatility

Homeowners want a roofing material that will enhance their curb appeal. Roof shingles come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes to fulfill your goals. They can be tailored to match your home exterior or to mimic wood shakes, natural stone, and other expensive specialty materials.

They have a highly adaptable design as well and fit easily into corners and seams so you get a full, even look. Add them to both standard roofs or steep-sloped frames.

2. Easy Handling & Maintenance

roof-shingles-northglennRoof shingles require minimal effort. They can be applied quickly to raw decking or over old shingles and won’t add too much strain to your roof supports since they’re lightweight.

Should a shingle warp or become dislodged, a contractor can simply nail another in its place. Maintenance usually won’t extend beyond scheduling a yearly inspection and removing debris from gutters and flashing.

3. Superior Performance

The average shingle has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years and will hold up to a variety of stresses during that time. They’re uplift-resistant, fire-resistant, and specialty products and coatings can defend against UV exposure.

This can lead to energy savings by reducing thermal transfer between your attic and outside air. So long as they’re secure, you won’t have to worry about leaks or insects breaking in.


Ready to upgrade to roof shingles? The team at Diamond Restoration is backed by 15 years of experience and takes a personalized approach to renovation with each customer. This roofing contractor offers roof repairs, replacements, and various materials to Thornton, CO, residents and focuses on providing lasting results. Call (303) 656-0811 to schedule a consultation and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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