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5 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed January 15, 2020

Anchorage, Anchorage County
5 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed, Anchorage, Alaska

When the trees on your property look a bit worse for the wear, it may be time to consider tree removal. In many cases, getting rid of a tree will improve the safety of your property. Here are some signs to look for that indicate it’s time for professional help. 

How to Tell When It’s Time for Tree Removal

1. Tree Defects

If your tree is leaning to one side, uprooted, or decaying, its stability is likely compromised. To avoid the possibility of it falling, have an arborist assess its condition and remove it if needed.

2. Disease

Tree diseases can also have a direct impact on stability. Look out for discoloration, odd bumps, and fungal growth on bark and branches. Diseases can even eat away at the inside of a tree before outer damage is evident. An arborist can determine whether treatment is possible or the tree should be taken down to avoid spreading the disease.

3. Storm Damage

tree removalHigh winds, pouring rain, and hail can all harm your trees. If the damage is severe, the tree or its branches may fall and cause injuries or property damage. In this case, your tree may even become a liability issue.

4. Contact With Power Lines

When your tree makes contact with overhead power lines, it may damage the cables and become a fire risk. In some cases, it may not be possible to trim trees back from the path of power lines, so it’s safer to remove them.

5. Sap Damage

A tree close to your home not only poses hazards with its branches but also its sap. Dripping sap can make exterior walls and paths sticky as well as ruin vehicle and house paint. When the sap is left to linger on your roof, it can also contribute to mold growth. With extensive potential for damage, you may want to get rid of the tree to protect your home.


If you want to remove a tree on your property, turn to Carlos Tree Service, serving Anchorage, AK, since 1993. They’ll help you identify problem trees and make the right decision about tree removal. They also offer pruning, trimming, and stump grinding. Schedule service today by calling (907) 522-6049. You can also visit the website for more information on their services. 

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