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Why Do Glass Shower Doors Fog Up? February 10, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
Why Do Glass Shower Doors Fog Up?, Spring Valley, New York

A fogged-over glass shower door will prevent you from having a clear, accessible view of the bathroom. This can be annoying and even anxiety-inducing, especially if you're claustrophobic or have privacy concerns. To better understand the reasons your shower fogs up and what you can do, consult the following guide.


The primary reason shower doors fog up is hot, humid air getting trapped in the room. A lack of bathroom ventilation will prevent healthy airflow and keep humidity locked inside. Also, some doors have two panes of glass, and, over time, air can become stuck between these layers. When the air heats up, as it naturally does when a hot shower is turned on, it produces condensation that fogs up the glass.

Another possible cause of shower-door fog is soap or limescale buildup. Soap scum leaves behind a thick, cloudy layer on surfaces, and limescale—minerals found in hard water—produces a white or greenish residue on shower doors.


shower doorsFirst, make sure your bathroom fan is turned on whenever you shower to encourage better airflow and minimize hot-air accumulation in the room. Use a natural defogger on the shower glass.

A very light layer of toothpaste or shaving cream can prevent fog on mirrors, but these options will further cloud a shower door. Instead, wipe the door with a half vinegar, half water solution.

To remove stubborn soap or lime buildup, use a surface cleaner that specifically targets these types of stains; follow the directions on the bottle, as some will require the cleaner to sit for a few minutes before rinsing and wiping.


In some cases, replacing a fog-prone shower door will make the most sense. This is especially true if the door is an older model, as most two-pane glass types are. Modern doors are designed and treated to avoid fogging.

Some older varieties may also be an eyesore in the room or a throwback to another era of decorating, and you may want to upgrade the look of the space with a new one. Finally, if your shower door is cracked or broken, a replacement will allow you to avoid health and safety issues.


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