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4 Bodily Changes to Expect From Birth Control Pills January 7, 2020

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4 Bodily Changes to Expect From Birth Control Pills, Mason, Ohio

When visiting a gynecologist to discuss birth control, they should help you understand the effects the pills can have on your body. Accompanied by side effects, birth control works in specific ways to prevent conception. The more you know about how the pills work, the more power you have over your health and wellness. Here’s how they change your body.

How Can Birth Control Pills Affect a Woman’s Body?

1. Reproductive Organs

Hormonal birth control causes changes to your body to reduce your chance of becoming pregnant. Estrogen represses the hormone responsible for releasing eggs, while progestin causes the uterine lining to become thinner, thereby making it less hospitable for conception.

Pills can contain both hormones or just one or the other. The amount of estrogen in a birth control pill also varies, with some doses higher than others. Your gynecologist can help you find the optimal pill for your health and needs.

2. Skin

Depending on the person, hormones in birth control might make the skin clearer. Consult your gynecologist to find the appropriate type of pill in the correct dosage.

3. Mood

gynecologistMuch like when menstruating, fluctuating hormones can cause mood swings. Some women feel sad or angry for no reason, while others may even experience symptoms of depression. In most women the pill can reduce the symptoms of pms, therefore having a positive effect on one’s overall moods.

4. Weight Changes

Contrary to popular opinion, today’s birth control pills have no adverse effect on women’s weight. 


Women in Cincinnati, OH, with questions about family planning, birth control, or women’s health issues should make an appointment with Dr. William M. Jamieson, MD. As a board-certified gynecologist, Dr. Jamieson assists women at every stage of their lives, from their first period to the onset of menopause. He and his staff also perform surgical procedures, both for therapeutic purposes as well as cosmetic enhancements. New patients can visit the website to prepare for their first appointment. Call (513) 241-7744 for more information.

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