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A Cat and a Sucker! December 17, 2019

Kenwood, Sycamore
A Cat and a Sucker! , Sycamore, Ohio

We don’t condone giving your pets candy, but in this case, Dr. Schlasinger could not contain her amusement for what she just witnessed. She was in a room with “Binx” and her owner. The owner had a little boy who was licking a sucker, and very nonchalantly the little boy took the sucker out of his mouth and gave some licks to Binx--and then he put the sucker back in his mouth. Dr. S could not get over how sweet (and hilarious) that was, but also the fact that Binx actually enjoyed the sucker. #treatyoself #cincinnativet #montgomeryanimalhospital #pethospital #veterinarian 

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