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Best Practices for Inputting MLS Listings March 12, 2020

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Best Practices for Inputting MLS Listings, Downers Grove, Illinois

For real estate agents, MLS listings can be crucial to selling a property. With many competitors vying for the same target market, however, first impressions do matter. You’ll need to create an attention-grabbing listing that impresses potential buyers, so here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Effective MLS Listings

1. Fill Out Every Field

Buyers search for property features depending on their preferences and needs. They’ll probably input various keywords in each field to filter results. Leave no stone unturned—enter information on every listing field, even if it’s not required to do so. Taking this step will increase the number of times your MLS listing comes up during property searches.  

2. Highlight Its Uniqueness

If your property has any unique features and amenities, highlight these in the listing, too. Some buyers are looking for a particular feature, such as a swimming pool, fireplace, or sunroom in their future home, so include these details. Let your target audience know what they can find in and around the area that makes your property worth the visit.

3. Get Creative With Property Descriptions

The fields in a listing don’t always fully capture a property’s appeal. Fortunately, there are separate description boxes where you can go all in. Be creative in describing the property; however, refrain from going overboard.

Remain truthful to its flaws, if there are any, to avoid unrealistic expectations. Skip words like “TLC” and “fixer upper” since these suggest extra work to improve the property; instead, use value-adding terms for your MLS listing.

4. Use High-Quality Photos

MLS listingMost people, including potential buyers, are visual. So even if you write a fantastic description, you’ll still need photos to back up your claims.

Attach high-resolution images that showcase the property’s unique charm and noteworthy points. Avoid copyrighted ones and take your own. Before doing that, clear out the clutter and arrange every room to highlight its features. 

5. Do a Double-Check

If you want to impress potential buyers, make sure your MLS listing is impeccable. Review everything you’ve written and inputted—a simple typo or error removes your listing from possible search results. If you don’t have an eagle eye or have been looking at screens all day, it may be wise to have someone else check your work before submitting and making it active.  


Learn how to create a winning MLS listing from the seasoned real estate experts at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest. As the leading realty franchise with offices in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Iowa, they train realtors and agents to be the best in their careers. Call (651) 505 3570 today or visit their website to learn more about this exciting firm.

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