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What to Buy Young Children for the Holidays December 23, 2019

West Village, Manhattan
What to Buy Young Children for the Holidays, Manhattan, New York

If you’re looking for a gift for a young child this holiday season, but don’t want to purchase another toy, choose a gift that will nurture their mind from Reading In Preschool. This New York City-based tutoring service offers a range of children’s books and flashcards that help children associate reading and education with fun. Their curriculum is designed to help students enter the first grade at a second-grade reading level. Each lesson keeps kids interested and engaged, making them feel like they’re playing a game while growing their mastery of language.

Fun Holiday Gifts for Young Children

Level One Workbooks

Young children who are just learning how to read should begin their education with the set of 33 Level One Reading In Preschool workbooks. The books teach reading by including 50 sight words taught in schools and color-coded phonics as well as matching flashcards for practice. Each book ends with a coloring page or maze to reward your child for practicing. This level is excellent for children between the ages of three and five.

Level Two Workbooks

educationIf the child you’re shopping for is already familiar with common two and three-letter words, you may want to go straight to their 34 Level Two workbooks. This level teaches consonant blends and sight words usually taught in first and second grade. These also include color coding, flashcards, exercise pages and mazes to reward the child.

Letter Sound Flashcards

Boost any child’s education with a set of Reading In Preschool letter sound flashcards. These are essential tools to prepare any young child to learn how to read. Each card includes pictures, letters, and sound hints for parents. This set is a great gift on its own or as a supplement for the Level One workbooks.

Interested in helping your young one or another child boost their reading skills while having fun? Find all of these gifts and much more in the Reading In Preschool online store. Visit them online to more about their educational services.

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