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The Thinking Dancer: The Ridgefield School of Dance Explains The Truth Behind Ballet Techniques October 20, 2015

Ridgefield, Fairfield County
The Thinking Dancer: The Ridgefield School of Dance Explains The Truth Behind Ballet Techniques, Ridgefield, Connecticut

If most of your exposure to dance has been through TV shows and motion pictures, you might think the entire art form is about twirling around in costumes and cutting down the competition, but the truth is studying ballet is beneficial for children mentally, physically, and artistically. At The Ridgefield School of Dance in Ridgefield, CT, young dancers learn the building blocks of proper ballet techniques in a nurturing environment.

In this environment, they learn that ballet requires determination, a fantastic memory, focus and a great deal of dedication. Professional dancers make movement look elegant and easy. In fact, it can take years to master correct technique and professionals take classes every day to stay on top of their training. It takes focus to memorize combinations, quickly learn new choreography, and do it all with expression and grace. But, as students apply the techniques learned in class, their abilities grow and with it the joys of perfecting movement and becoming dancers. 

Dancers are always thinking and feeling out forms as they strengthen their bodies and learn to move with the music, and when it comes to dance, ballet is the ultimate building block for success. Dancers with classical ballet training can try nearly any other dance discipline and excel as if they've been studying for years because a background in ballet technique is that powerful! To learn more about how your child can benefit from dance classes, call The Ridgefield School of Dance at (203) 894-5957 or visit them online now.

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