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4 Ways to Avoid a Gutter Ball at the Bowling Center January 2, 2020

Flushing, Queens
4 Ways to Avoid a Gutter Ball at the Bowling Center, Queens, New York

Spending time at a bowling center is a great way to unwind and create wonderful memories, whether you're on a first date, having fun with your children, or hanging out with friends. However, you don't want your ball to end up in the gutters. Follow these tips to improve your bowling skills so you can impress your competition and those around you.

How to Bowl Straight

1. Hold the Ball Correctly

If you look around at the other players in the bowling center, you'll find that most successful throws start with the ball firmly at the player's side. This is because holding the ball up requires you to drop it to begin the swing, forcing you to do more work. It's much easier to get that pendulum swing if you start with the ball lower to the ground.

2. Aim With Your Elbow

Bowling CenterFor beginners, it takes practice to learn how to aim your throws. The easiest way to start is by aligning your elbow with the pins. This technique is especially helpful for people who tend to hook their elbows as they throw. By keeping the elbow pointed at the lane, you'll have better luck directing the ball's path.

3. Remember Your Foot Placement

It's natural for your feet to pivot as you release the ball, which can add a little spin to your throw. To counteract this problem, point your feet straight at the pins. If you're facing the lane from an angle, or if your feet are pointed too far right or left, your ball will naturally follow that path and end up in the gutter.

4. Walk in a Straight Line

Also, pay attention to the path you take as you approach the lane. Starting in a position facing the pins will allow you to walk straight at them and better direct your throw. This will help you keep your ball away from the gutters and give you a better chance of throwing a strike each time.


Whether you want a night of fun with your family and friends or you’re planning a corporate event, a bowling center provides the ideal atmosphere. Located in Flushing, NY, Whitestone Lanes is just a short drive from the Bronx and Manhattan. They’re open 24 hours and offer great parking spaces, so getting inside won’t be a problem. To learn more about this traditional bowling center with a modern twist, visit their website. To reserve lanes or plan a party, call (718) 353-6300.