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What You Should Know About Natural & Synthetic Diamonds December 26, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
What You Should Know About Natural & Synthetic Diamonds, Manhattan, New York

Diamonds are one of the most iconic types of gemstones. While natural diamonds have always enjoyed broad popularity, synthetic diamonds are also becoming a favorite choice among consumers due to their affordability. Before purchasing stones from a jewelry manufacturer, consider the differences between these two stones.

Natural Diamonds

These natural stones are ancient. The diamonds used in jewelry today are at least one billion years old — and some may even be as old as three billion years. They’re made from carbon that was subjected to extreme pressure and intense heat about 85 miles below the earth’s mantle. Eventually, the diamonds moved up to the surface of the earth by traveling along molten rock and were mined from the surface.

jewelry manufacturerNatural diamonds are incredibly durable. They are the hardest naturally formed material available. Only some mined diamonds are deemed acceptable for jewelry because of their brilliant shine. For consumers, diamonds are a sign of luxury, and their toughness means that these stones can be worn daily without chipping. Though bright white is the most widely available diamond color, rarer and more costly options include canary yellow, pink, and blue.

Synthetic Diamonds

Unlike naturally formed stones, synthetic diamonds are human-made. Since their creation in the 1950s for industrial use, synthetic diamonds have been made under the same chemical conditions as their natural counterparts — but in a controlled lab environment instead of deep inside the earth. As a result, these stones can develop in a matter of weeks. Because they are engineered, synthetic diamonds are usually perfect, while natural stones may have flaws.

The most popular type of artificial stone is cubic zirconia. It’s not as durable as a diamond, but it has more sparkle and shine before it loses its luster from age. These stones are an excellent option for customers who desire perfection and clarity on a budget.



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