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3 Reasons Dog Grooming Is Important January 7, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Reasons Dog Grooming Is Important, Manhattan, New York

A key part of being a responsible dog owner involves making sure that your pet is properly groomed. While it’s important to maintain your dog’s looks, there is more to dog grooming than its aesthetic advantages. Here are three reasons this task is so crucial.

Why You Should Prioritize Grooming Your Dog

1. Protect Their Skin

Brushing is essential to the grooming process. There is more to it than simply combing through the fur, however. The goal is to dislodge all traces of debris, including dandruff, grime, dirt, and dead hair. Removing the contaminants prevents the hair from becoming matted and tangled, both of which can cause your dog pain. Brushing will also bring out the natural oils in your dog’s fur and lend their coat a healthier appearance.  

2. Prevent Eye Problems

dog groomingAny type of foreign substance can irritate your dog’s eyes and lead to a possible infection. Issues such as corneal inflammation, as well as inflammation of the delicate tissues behind the iris, can develop if your dog’s hair is so long that it consistently brushes against his eyes. Anything that suggests a problem, like wateriness, redness, or sensitivity to light, should be professionally evaluated promptly. You can avoid such issues by regularly trimming the hair during grooming sessions.

3. Check for Abnormalities  

Dog grooming also gives you an opportunity to closely assess your dog’s overall condition and detect problems that might not otherwise be apparent. While brushing, for example, examine their skin for signs of dryness or fleas. When you trim their nails, identify signs of potential trouble, such as brittleness, which may suggest a fungal infection, or cracks, which could indicate a nutritional deficiency. As you brush their teeth, you can quickly detect bad breath and schedule a visit with the veterinarian for advice.


Regular dog grooming is key to your beloved pet’s health and vitality. You can trust the caring and experienced staff at Pet Fashion and Grooming in Hudson Heights, Manhattan. These professionals offer a variety of services and products that will help you manage your dog’s lifestyle easily, including pet sitting, dog collars, and even stylish pet accessories and jewelry. To find out more about their products and animal clinic, visit them online or call (347) 726-9409.

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