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What to Expect During a CDL Training Class January 14, 2020

Columbia, Lorain
What to Expect During a CDL Training Class, Columbia, Ohio

Being a truck driver is not only an exciting career but a profitable one as well. Before you get behind the wheel, you need to take CDL training first to pass the exam. Keep in mind that not all truck driving schools are the same. They have different approaches to educating their students, so before you enroll, here’s a closer look at a common program. 

3 Phases of a Commercial Driver’s License Education

1. Classroom Instruction

Most CDL programs start with classroom instruction, its length depending on the school’s curriculum. Some run for as short as 40 academic hours, while some are slightly longer.

During this time, students will learn about road signs, rules, regulations, and compliance while also becoming familiar with safety hazards and driving best practices to avoid accidents. There are lessons on reading maps, planning routes, using electronic logs, performing safety procedures, and inspecting a vehicle before trips. Some schools even include computer training, practice exams, and job placement as part of their CDL classes.

2. Driving Training

After the classroom CDL trainingportion of your CDL training, it’s time for a more hands-on approach to learning. Driving a large truck is far more complicated than getting behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle, so you’ll need to be familiar with its controls.

Most schools have a driving range or training grounds where students can practice maneuvering and backing the trailer in an environment that’s similar to a real-life scenario. There are lessons on conducting a visual pre-trip inspection, coupling and uncoupling different tractor-trailers, and maintaining the trucks while on the road.

3. On-the-Road Driving

This phase of CDL training is where students get to operate a truck on the open road. However, it’s still under the guidance of a licensed driving instructor inside the cab. It’s the actual application of everything you’ve learned in the classroom and on the driving range.

You get to drive on public roadways and use your knowledge, such as defensive driving techniques and space management, to safely operate a trailer with other motorists around. How long this section runs depends on the school’s curriculum and its required number of hours or miles traveled on the road.


Expect only the best results when you take your CDL training at Great Lakes Truck Driving School. As the leading truck driving school based in Columbia Station, OH, they offer Class A and Class B training and job placement assistance to those who are interested in shifting to a lucrative career with projected job security. If you’re ready to start this exciting path, call (440) 236-3436 or check out their offered programs online.

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