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3 Building Codes for Basements January 2, 2020

Huntington, Huntington
3 Building Codes for Basements, Huntington, New York

If you're buying a home with a basement, or you're building one on your existing house, you're likely looking to spend a lot of family time there. However, you must first make sure that space is up to code through a professional building inspection. If you haven't already made the following essential renovations, get them done as soon as possible.

What Codes Apply to Basement Inspections?

1. Window Escape System

If you use your basement as a living space, the New York State Building Code requires a window system that allows people to get out in an emergency. Occupants must be able to open the windows without using tools or keys, and there must be at least a 5.7 square foot space. Additionally, the window must be at least 24 inches high, 20 inches wide, and no more than 44 inches from the floor. Check your local building codes some openings may need to be larger.

2. Insulation

building inspectionsIf your basement has finished rooms with concrete foundation walls that are less than 50% above grade, they need insulation extending down to the basement floor slab. Basement rooms with walls more than 50% above grade also need insulation equal to that of above-grade walls. The R-values needed for finished rooms depend on your compliance analysis, so consult professionals after your building inspection about insulation options that are suited for concrete walls.

3. Electrical Requirements

Municipalities, including the Town of Huntington, Long Island, require compliance with various requirements of the National Electric Code and NYS Building Code. Under these codes, basement smoke detectors are mandatory and must be hard-wired and interconnected. Ground fault current interrupters are also necessary safety features for outlets above countertops and in bathrooms. Hiring a licensed electrician helps ensure your installation or upgrade will pass the local building inspection.


If you want to protect your investment, trust the building inspectors at New Home Inspectors in Huntington Station, NY. With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, this team of Certified Professional Inspectors conduct thorough inspections of properties throughout Long Island. Visit their website for more information about their services and call (631) 368-1800 to schedule an appointment.

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