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How to Prevent Pool Algae in Winter February 11, 2020

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How to Prevent Pool Algae in Winter, 10, Illinois

No pool owner wants to discover slimy green algae on the walls and floors during swimming season or when they first open the pool. As these organisms grow, they can damage the structure of your pool, stain surfaces, clog filters, and harbor dangerous bacteria. Although you may think winter temperatures would keep this nuisance at bay, algae can grow in any season. To help you prevent algal blooms, here are a few swimming pool maintenance tips to follow during the off-season.   

3 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Stop Algae Growth During the Closed Months of Your Pool

1. Clean &Treat Before Closing

Scrub away and vacuum any algae from your pool before closing it for the season. Otherwise, they will continue to grow during the off-season. Spray the cartridge filters clean with a hose to remove lingering debris that could contribute to future blooms. After cleaning, apply a long-lasting winter algaecide to kill remaining organisms and prevent new ones from growing.

2. Use a Cover

Algae grow faster when exposed to sunlight. A high-quality safety cover will help keep the sunlight—as well as debris and precipitation—out of your pool to minimize algae growth. You can also open your pool earlier in the season before the temperatures have a chance to fluctuate between warm and cooler, causing the algae to grow quickly, so your system can combat the algae growth.  

3. Shock the Water With Chlorine or Algaecide During Winter Months 

swimming pool maintenanceShocking a pool helps remove contaminants that have combined with chlorine. These concentrated chemicals help eliminate bacteria and biological materials after heavy pool use and weather events that can affect water quality. Shocking also helps remove algae, so your pool looks clean and inviting again for swimming season. Even if you close your pool for the winter, long-acting chlorine accelerator formulas will keep the water clear for several months. You can do these treatments about every other month by adding them directly to the pool’s water. This preventive step could make reopening next season much easier.

If you want to protect your pool from algae, turn to the professionals at Destination Pools for help. Providing swimming pool services throughout the Columbia, IL, area, this local company can treat your pool water regardless of the season. You can count on Destination Pools to deliver affordable, high-quality care for comfortable and safe swimming. Visit them online to learn more about their pool services. To request repairs or maintenance, call (618) 281-7776 or 636-240-9776

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