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3 Benefits of Double Pane Home & Storefront Windows December 26, 2019

Nicholasville, Jessamine
3 Benefits of Double Pane Home & Storefront Windows, Nicholasville, Kentucky

One of the most significant decisions to make when choosing windows is whether you want a single or double pane style. Double pane windows use two sheets of glass with a narrow gap between them, which is filled with argon or krypton gas typically. This design has several benefits for residential construction, storefront windows, and commercial glass doors.

Why Choose Double Pane Windows?

1. Noise Reduction

Just like heat travels through a single pane of glass, so do sound vibrations. Having two helps dampen the vibrations and muffle the noise. You'll have more indoor privacy, as well as a more quiet, peaceful environment, even when it gets noisy outside.

2. Energy Efficiency

Storefront WindowsThe better the insulation in a building, the less heat that travels between the inside and outside. You can keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer, so your heater and air conditioner don't work as hard, saving you electricity. A single-pane window is a weak point in the insulation, but the gas inside a double pane window is a much more efficient insulator. This ensures the indoor temperature stays comfortable.

3. No Condensation

Water condenses on surfaces that are colder than the air around them, creating mist and water droplets that are visible on single-pane windows. This is a minor annoyance in a home, but a significant problem in storefront windows since it can keep people from seeing your products. Because of the gap between the sheets of glass, double pane windows don't have a cold surface touching warm indoor air, so they don't fog up as easily.


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