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3 Tips for Pairing Wine & Seafood December 23, 2019

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3 Tips for Pairing Wine & Seafood, Bon Secour, Alabama

Wine and seafood are an excellent culinary combinations. Strategic pairings will enhance the flavors of each dish. If you’re new to the world of wine, there are a few proven rules to follow. These ensure that you always have the right wine handy and get the most from your meal.

What to Know About Pairing Wine & Seafood

1. White-Fleshed Fish Go Best With White Wine

White-fleshed fish — like grouper, amberjack, and flounder — almost always pair best with white wine. Chenin blanc, a French wine, an Italian Arneis, or German Riesling are creative, popular pairings. These have citrusy and fruity flavors — the latter of which pair well with garlic sauces. Wines made from tree fruits like peaches and pears complement a mild white fish flavor. Pay attention to aromas, as well. The strong fruit flavors of a South African or California chardonnay accent white fish dishes.

2. Wines for Dark-Fleshed Fish Vary

seafood-bon-secour-alDark-fleshed fish like tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, and salmon welcome a wider variety of wines; it often depends on how they’re cooked. Slow-roasted salmon steaks, for example, are more flaky and dry. These call for a rich-flavored Sanoma chardonnay or Spanish Rioja that will flavor the salmon.

You can balance the strong flavors and oily textures of other dishes with a light Sauvignon blanc. If you’re enjoying a seared tuna steak, a Spanish rose or red burgundy can provide spicy and fruity accents. Baked mahi-mahi has a strong, unique flavor. Choose a subtle Gewurztraminer that will add spices while still showcasing the fish’s flavor.

3. Pair Wines With Shrimp & Crab Flavorings

Shrimp and crab are often served in rich, flavorful sauces, so match wines to these. A garlicky crab linguini will benefit from a citrusy Pinot Grigio. A shrimp cocktail calls for a fruity rose, and a curry is best enjoyed with a dry Riesling. Spanish wines like a Navarra can accent spicy rice dishes.


If you’re picking up seafood for your next get-together, buy fresh from Billy’s Seafood. This Bon Secour, AL, seafood market offers a wide selection, including shrimp and crawfish, crab, grouper, and tuna. Visit their website to learn more about their latest catch or connect on Facebook. You can speak with their staff by calling (251) 949-6288.

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