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3 Tips to Help Your Senior Loved One Downsize January 9, 2020

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3 Tips to Help Your Senior Loved One Downsize, Lake Katrine, New York

If your senior relative is moving to an assisted living center, they may need help downsizing from their current home. Since they most likely can’t take all their belongings with them, it is important to sort and dispose of their unnecessary items properly. Downsizing can be a daunting task, especially if they have an emotional attachment to many possessions. You will need a strategic approach for an estate cleanout, and you can use the tips below to get started.

How to Downsize Your Loved One’s Possessions

1. Separate Necessities From Clutter

Categorizing is the best method. Begin separating items by “needs,” “wants,” and “clutter.” Set family heirlooms and valuables aside first. Next, consider larger necessities like a bed or a reading chair. Evaluate books and décor that, while enjoyed, might not be a true necessity. Old electronics, extra clothing and blankets, second china sets, or childhood toys can all be considered for donation.

It’s important that you let your loved one start the process so that they feel in control. They may feel upset if you begin telling them what’s important to them. Reason with them along the way and start exploring local estate cleanout services to remove the excess clutter.

2. Go Room by Room

estate cleanoutTo keep their home safe and organized, work from room to room. Start with the least-used rooms, like an unused bedroom, an attic, or an office. These spaces will likely have the most clutter items for an estate cleanout service to take. Take donations to a center and ask their children if they would like certain items that once belonged to them. Then, box up what they’re keeping so that they’re ready for the move. You can then use the first room to store their needs and wants as you sort through adjacent rooms.

3. Know the Size of Their New Home

If your loved one is moving to assisted living, check the measurements of their apartment. You can use them to trim the wants and needs categories further. Start with the furniture and fill out the potential floorplan. Furniture that is too large for the new space can be donated or placed in self-storage. Next, look at smaller décor items like small bookcases, vases, and paintings. Is there wall and storage space in their new home? If not, you’ll have to decide whether to donate or keep the items in storage. 

To ensure your loved one still feels in control, let them map out furniture placement and decorating plans for their new home. If their giveaway items become too difficult to move by yourself, reach out to an estate cleanout service for removal.


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