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How to Shave Your Legs Without Getting Cut January 10, 2020

Koreatown, Manhattan
How to Shave Your Legs Without Getting Cut, Manhattan, New York

Shaving is a popular form of temporary hair removal. While this process is performed daily by some individuals, the risk of cutting yourself while shaving your legs does not necessarily go away with practice. To help you avoid those pesky cuts, here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you grab your razor.

4 Shaving Tips to Avoid Nicks

1. Wet & Exfoliate First

When it comes to shaving, moisture is your friend because it ensures a smooth glide. Give your legs time to soak in the shower or bath so that both your skin and your hair follicles soften.

Next, wash your legs with soap and a sponge. This will eliminate dead skin cells sitting on the surface to ensure a close shave. 

2. Use a Sharp Razor

Hair RemovalBefore starting, inspect your razor. For the best results, you’ll want to use a clean, sharp blade. When it dulls, the chances of cuts and a poor shave increase. While it may be tempting to conserve your disposable razor, don’t use it for more than 10 shaving sessions. 

3. Use Plenty of Shaving Cream

Next, apply a liberal amount of shaving cream to your legs. While regular soap and body wash are okay in a pinch, shaving cream is highly recommended as it is uniquely formulated to soften both your skin and your hair follicles to ensure a close shave without nicks or razor burn. 

4. Shave Upward

Once your legs are fully covered in shaving cream, start working from the ankle upward. This “against the grain” technique will provide a closer shave. Refrain from pushing the razor into your skin. Instead, maintain a light grip and move slowly over the contours of your legs and knees to avoid cuts. 


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