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4 Signs Your Locks Have Been Tampered With December 20, 2019

Perry, Franklin
4 Signs Your Locks Have Been Tampered With, Perry, Ohio

Imagine walking up to your home or business and discovering someone has made an attempt to break in. Damaged door locks are a dead giveaway. If your locks show signs of tampering, you’ll need a locksmith to make immediate repairs or replace them. Here are several red flags that indicate an attempted break-in.

4 Red Flags That Indicate Tampered Locks

1. Scratch Marks

Burglars use screwdrivers or small pocketknives to pick locks. As they try to loosen the pin tumblers and open a lock, they’ll etch tiny scratches and grooves around the keyhole.

2. Bumping

Bumping involves using an altered key to jimmy a lock. Intruders file down the teeth on a “bump key” so it can be inserted into a keyhole. Then, using a hammer or another blunt object, they pound the bump key until the lock’s tumblers attach. However, bumping doesn’t always work. If you see dents around the edge of a keyhole, a thief may have attempted to bump the lock. 

locksmith3. Deformation

Burglars use a host of devices to open locks and often rely on brute force, which causes deformation and damage. Locksmiths suggest paying attention to bent deadbolts and latches. Chipped paint and warped door frames are two other signs that someone has attempted to enter your premises unlawfully. 

4. Entry Struggles

If you can’t insert your key into a lock or it gets stuck when you try to turn or remove it, the pin tumbler may have been altered either through picking or bumping.


Tampered locks required immediate attention to keep you, your loved ones, and property safe. Contact Expert Lock and Key in Columbus, OH, for long-lasting security and protection. Their team of experienced locksmiths ensures installations and repairs are done right the first time. You can also count on competitive pricing and quick responses in emergencies. Call (614) 329-3899 to speak with a representative, and visit their website to view information about their residential locksmith services.