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5 Benefits of TRX Training January 2, 2020

Manhattan, New York City, NY
5 Benefits of TRX Training, Manhattan, New York

TRX training uses suspension straps and your body weight to give you a full-body workout. If you have injuries or ailments, such as back problems, ask your doctor if TRX is safe for you. You can also train in conjunction with guidance from your chiropractor and other health professionals. Here are some of the major advantages of TRX training.

Why You Should Do TRX Training

1. Easy to Set Up

To do TRX suspension training, you only need adjustable straps, so it can be set up almost anywhere. The straps are easy to transport, allowing you to workout wherever you can find an anchor point. You could set up the equipment at home with little cost, take it with you when you travel, and use it outside.

2. Low Impact

The suspended nature of TRX training makes it low impact. It puts minimal pressure on joints and has minimal risk of injury. The training is versatile enough to avoid putting strain on areas where you have pre-existing injuries. If you have back pain, your chiropractor can advise you on whether TRX is suitable for you.

3. Works For All Levels

chiropractorWith TRX, a simple adjustment of your body position increases or decreases resistance, which allows you to change the load on your muscles. This makes TRX suitable for people of all fitness levels, and everyone from professional athletes to seniors can do the training. Some people like to continue TRX during the early stages of pregnancy after consulting their doctor. 

4. It’s a Complete Workout

TRX suspension training can be used to work your core and build strength in all muscle groups. By doing the exercises more quickly, you can also get a cardio workout and burn off a lot of calories. TRX also improves endurance, flexibility, and joint stability, which is why it’s recommended by many chiropractors. 

5. Adds Variety to Your Workout

Many people fail to continue with a fitness program because they find their workout routine monotonous. With TRX, it’s easy to incorporate new and interesting techniques into your program. The training can be done on your own or in a group.


If you’d like to get started with TRX training or improve your technique with the help of an expert, contact Pure Balance in New York City. The chiropractic and wellness care facility has been helping clients with pain management and wellness since 2001. For more information, call the Pure Balance centers at (212)661-5656 in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan or (973)773-8244 in Clifton, NJ. To schedule a private TRX session, visit their website

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