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3 Foods to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal December 20, 2019

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3 Foods to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal, Walton Park, New York

Your garbage disposal makes cooking and cleaning your kitchen more convenient, but it isn't indestructible. Putting the wrong items down the drain can break or clog this appliance. To keep it working smoothly, only put a small amount of leftover food down the drain, such as lettuce, chicken bits, and thin apple slices. Unapproved food, such as items listed below, can cause damage. 

3 Items Your Garbage Disposal Can't Handle

1. Cooking Grease

Never pour grease, oil, or fat down the drain. While it might seem like the right place for a liquid, grease hardens quickly when it cools and can clog up the inside of your garbage disposal and your pipes. Pour it in a glass container to reuse it again or let it cool, pour it in a small plastic bag, and toss it in the trash.

2. Bones

Garbage DisposalBones are strong and hard enough to jam your garbage disposal and burn out the motor. Even if the disposal breaks them up, they'll dull the blades. They'll also create sharp splinters, which can fly out of the disposal or get wedged in your pipes. Be cautious and put bones in the trash.

3. Eggshells & Coffee Grounds

These materials are a problem because they don't soften or dissolve in water. The tiny, hard pieces can get stuck in the crevices of your garbage disposal. Eggshells have a sticky membrane on the inside that can glue itself to the side of a pipe or appliance almost permanently. Once stuck there, eggshells and coffee grounds will cause unpleasant odors.



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