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What Should You Know About Tire Pressure During Winter? January 3, 2020

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What Should You Know About Tire Pressure During Winter?, Newark, Ohio

Filling your tires with the correct amount of air is crucial to the proper operation of your vehicle. During the winter season, you might experience changes in tire pressure that could put you at a greater risk of accidents and collisions. Read on to learn more about why checking your tire pressure regularly is an essential auto maintenance task throughout the cold months. 

Why Is Tire Pressure Important?

Without the appropriate tire pressure, your vehicle would not have the ability to navigate the roads since the air within your tires is what supports the weight of the body and mechanical components. Inflating your tires to the proper psi, according to your owner’s manual, promotes comfort, stability, braking, cornering, and handling while driving, which ultimately makes your vehicle safer. 

What Are Some Potential Problems During the Winter?

auto maintenanceDuring the winter season, your tire pressure will decrease one to two pounds with every 10-degree temperature drop. Low tire pressure, in particular, causes excess friction between the rubber and the road, causing your tires to overheat and the tread to spread, which may result in blowouts, which could cause you to run off the road or collide with other vehicles. 

How Often Should You Check the Pressure? 

Check your tire pressure at least once or twice a month while it’s cold outside. Look at the inside panel of your driver’s side door to find the recommended psi for your vehicle make and model. Plug a gauge into each of your tire stems to get a pressure reading. If you need to add more air, do so at the nearest filling station or auto maintenance shop. 


Keep your vehicle safe and fully operational throughout the winter with regular auto maintenance from Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair. They offer tire alignments, replacements, and rotations to drivers throughout Newark, OH. Call (740) 522-4459 to make an appointment for vehicle diagnostics, and visit their website to learn more about their auto repair services. 

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