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How Long Do Car Batteries Last? December 20, 2019

East Franklin, Armstrong
How Long Do Car Batteries Last?, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

The engine is the powerhouse of any vehicle, but it requires a battery to function. Unfortunately, your car battery is just as vulnerable to dying as the one in your phone or remote control. Here’s some insight on when you’ll need a battery replacement.

A Brief Guide to Car Battery Replacements

Average Life Span

When maintained diligently, car batteries can last around five years or longer. However, the majority of car batteries will start to fail at around three years. Most are considered unreliable after four years of regular use.

Factors That Affect Performance

battery replacementExtreme temperatures have the most significant impact on the life of a car battery. They’re much more likely to fail on sweltering summer days, or after a few days parked in sub-freezing conditions. The frequency at which you use your car can also have an impact. 

The vehicle you commute to work in every day may have a dead battery before the sports car you take out on the weekends. However, the type of car may also play a role in the battery’s life span. Those with more modern, electronic features—such as TV screens, GPS, phone chargers, and heated seats, will use up the battery power faster.

Signs That Require a Replacement

If your car lights dim as you press on the brakes, or if your engine takes longer to start up, your battery may be wearing down. The next time you’re sitting in a parked car, pay attention to how long the lights and radio stay on with the motor turned off. If your car starts to lose power in the first five minutes, your battery is due for an upgrade.


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