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3 Ways to Help Your Child Love Their Glasses December 19, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan
3 Ways to Help Your Child Love Their Glasses, Manhattan, New York

If your child has faced issues such as squinting or trouble reading the board at school, you may have taken them to the optometrist to get them glasses. With an eye exam and corrective lenses, your child will be able to see without strain. However, some children have trouble transitioning to wearing glasses daily. If this has been the case with your little one, here are a few tips that may help them love their new pair.

3 Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Glasses

1. Let Them Pick

Get your child excited about their glasses by allowing them to choose their frames. Provide options within your price range so they can pick a style they love. Let them choose the accessories for their eyewear as well, such as a carrying case in a fun color or design. Some are even available with images of their favorite cartoon characters.

2. Ensure It Fits Properly

glassesIf your child is having trouble adjusting, ask them how the frames feel. An uncomfortable fit can discourage use. If the arms fit too tightly, the store can adjust them to fit your child’s head more comfortably. 

3. Compliment Them

Help your child feel happy about their new glasses by complimenting them when they’re wearing them. Your young one’s confidence will increase if they hear you like the glasses. You can also talk about famous people and characters who wear them too, such as Harry Potter.


Find the right pair of glasses for your child at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. Based in the Upper West Side, this New York City eyewear center offers over 2,000 frames to the people of Manhattan. With convenient evening and weekend hours, this optometry practice has helped New Yorkers see clearly since 1927. Call (212) 769-1410 today to schedule an eye exam or visit them online for the latest special offers. 

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