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5 Tap Dancing Tips for Beginners December 26, 2019

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5 Tap Dancing Tips for Beginners, Newark, Ohio

Tap dancing is a popular form of dance around the world. Whether you approach tap as a fun, relaxing hobby or dream of becoming a star on the musical stage, try these five tips to develop your tapping skills.

5 Ideas for Becoming a Better Tap Dancer

1. Wear the Right Shoes

Without the right shoes, any kind of dance, including tap dancing, will be much more challenging. Visit a dance supply store for the best selection, and try on several pairs to find the shoes that best fit your foot size and type. Ask your dance teacher for suggestions about fit.

2. Balance on the Balls of Your Feet

Balance on the balls of your feet, and lean slightly forward. This position helps tap dancers to move freely between steps. 

3. Strengthen Your Legs 

tap dancingMany beginners may overtax their ankles. Expert tap dancers relax their ankles and focus more on engaging their legs. Leg strength, which you can improve with exercise and stretching in addition to dancing, gives you more control and stamina.

4. Look to the Professionals

To learn new techniques and moves, enroll in classes, or take private instruction. Also, watch videos of professional tap dancers. When it’s time for at-home practice, you’ll have concrete images of how your body should move. 

5. Study Music

Since tap dancing focuses heavily on rhythm, consider taking music lessons. Learning more about music, particularly jazz, will help you develop a sense of rhythm and become a better performer.


Every aspiring tap dancer needs instruction. If your child wants to explore the excitement of tap dancing, head to Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH. For more than 50 years, this trusted dance studio has helped dancers of all ages learn tap, ballet and pointe, jazz, lyrical movement, and acrobatics. Their encouraging instructors give personalized attention to all students, whether they long to become professional performers or want only to have fun. Learn more about their classes online, or call (740) 344-8789 to enroll.

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