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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Front Door December 19, 2019

Monfort Heights South, Green
4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Front Door, Green, Ohio

Although it’s small compared to the rest of the structure, an entry door can have a powerful effect on the overall mood of your home. As the portal into your personal space, it’s one of the first objects to convey information about you. Additionally, if you’re planning to sell your house sometime, the front door helps determine curb appeal. In any case, it’s vital to pick the best entryway for your home. 

How to Choose an Entry Door 

1. Get Measurements 

Most entry doors are 30 to 36 inches wide, 80 inches tall, and about two inches thick, but you’ll need to check your doorframe to see whether it varies from the norm. Maybe you’ll even need two doors. Remember to take transoms and sidelights into account, if applicable, as they will need a door that can support them. 

2. Think About Materials 

Classic wooden doors come in a variety of rich, earthy colors with beautiful grain patterns and lend themselves well to decorating for any style. Additionally, they’re strong and sturdy, but expensive and prone to mold or distortion due to moisture. However, they’re not the only option. 

You can also consider steel, which can’t be warped or cracked. Any dents it may sustain are usually quite repairable. It also features a sleek, yet elegant, aesthetic. 

entry doorThere’s also fiberglass, offering you the versatile and attractive appearance of wood or even steel without the price or maintenance requirements. On top of that, it’s energy-efficient and resistant to wear, corrosion, and dents.   

3. Reflect Your Style 

Evaluate your personality and what your family is like. If you consider yourselves traditional, a simple six-panel wooden or fiberglass door could be the perfect choice. Maybe you love a little artistic flair, so an arch panel and decorative sidelights might represent you more accurately. For a polished yet approachable look, steel can do the trick.  

4. Stay Within Your Budget 

Although you must keep in mind the cost of the materials and labor required for replacing your door, you must calculate other aspects of the installation as well. Consider the climate of your area. For example, humidity doesn’t combine well with wood, so think about the cost of upkeep and repairs.

Also, extreme temperatures make steel doors hard on energy bills. Ask yourself how many decorative elements you intend to add, as well. All these considerations should influence your overall budget. 

To help you find and install the exact entry door you want, contact Murphy Home Improvement in Cincinnati, OH. With more than 30 years of experience in remodeling and home improvement, they’ll expertly guide you to making a choice that you won’t regret and attaching the door to the frame. See for yourself why they’ve won three NARI National Contractor of the Year awards by calling (513) 922-8989 or messaging them online

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