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3 Reasons to Become an In-Home Nurse January 2, 2020

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3 Reasons to Become an In-Home Nurse, Suffern, New York

Many nurses seek jobs in hospitals after completing nursing school. While many professionals can thrive in this environment, others may find hospitals to be impersonal and draining. Fortunately, there are alternative career paths available. The following are just some of the reasons to become an in-home nurse rather than working in a hospital. 

Why Become an In-Home Nurse?

1. Flexibility

Hospital nurses are on a set schedule, and the hours can be quite overwhelming. This is often not the case for in-home nurses. You will likely work for an agency, and you’ll be able to let them know about your availability. This means that you’ll often have time to take care of personal tasks during the day. Flexible scheduling will also make it easier to take vacations. 

2. Connection

in-home nurseAs an in-home nurse, you will likely work with the same patient for an extended period of time. Hospital nurses, on the other hand, rotate through multiple patients—often for short time periods. More time with one patient allows you to get to know their needs and connect with them. You will also form a bond with their family to better communicate about patient care. 

3. Low Stress

When visiting a patient in their home, you will be providing care in a calm environment. While hospital nursing can feel frantic, in-home nursing is often slower-paced. You can focus on the quality of your work and make patient comfort your top priority. Finally, home settings are often pleasant and cozy, making them excellent places to work.   


If you’re ready to work as an in-home nurse, contact the team at J&D Ultracare. Located in Suffern, NY, this agency connects talented care professionals with children all over the Hudson Valley. As an employee, you can take advantage of field-based training and an impressive benefits program. By joining this team, you will work among other passionate nurses and make connections with families in Westchester County and the Bronx. Learn more about employment opportunities by visiting their website or calling (845) 357-4500. 

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